Women’s Day 2019

THANK YOU for helping to make the goal of our 2017 Project Offering Luncheon a reality. The decentralization of the location of our luncheon was a great success. Not only did we achieve our 2018 financial goal to raise $7,500 to support our REC 100 initiative, but greater opportunity for fellowship among our ladies across the denomination was achieved as more than 220 persons were in attendance at our luncheons.

The goal for this year’s project is to raise $7,500 to assist in the publication of The Handbook for the Visitation of the Sick for use by clergy as well as the lay servants involved in the care of God’s people. We solicit your support of the most worthy project.

A schedule of our 2019 Women’s Day Project Offering Luncheons is available at this link. Please share this information, especially with your parish’s Women’s group, and others in your area.

Yours in Christ,

Gale G. Hill, Chairperson
Committee on Women’s Ministry
Reformed Episcopal Church


Mrs. Gale Hill addressing the attendees at the DMA Women’s Luncheon


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