About Us

The Committee on Women’s Ministry consists of five appointed members and adjunct members to ensure representation from each REC diocese. Committee members selected for 2014-2017 are as follows:

Gale Hill, President
Claudia Dorrington
Karen Pierpoint
Susan Sutton
Karen Baird (in memoriam)

Diocesan representatives, who serve as adjunct members, are as follows:

Diocese of Central States
Dss. Candy Jacques
Janice Manto

Diocese of Mid-America
Dss. Annette Johnson
Dss. Teresa Johnson

Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
Saralee Czajkowsk
Dawn Mitchell
Judy Smith
Diane Wright

Diocese of the Southeast
Deloris T. Duncan
Edelle P. Gaillard

Diocese of the West
Jan Macauley


Bonnie C. Abboud
Joan B. Workowski

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